Octavio Miramontes Vidal
Complex Systems Department
Physics Institute
National Autonomous University of Mexico
Mexico City

My background is in Physics and Biology. I got a physics BSc from UNAM, a MPhil from the Open University, UK and a PhD from Imperial College London, UK. I had the pleasure of having Germinal Cocho, Brian C. Goodwin and Mike P. Hassell as my supervisors and friends. I am currently a full-time researcher at the Physics Institute at UNAM, an associate researcher at the Center for Complexity Sciences (UNAM) and editor in chief of CopIt-arXives.


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Universiad Nacional Autónoma de México
COLOGIA: Interacciones, Fluctuaciones y Autoorganización         o Complexity and Ecology
          o 1/f Fluctuations in Ecological Data
          o Quasiperiodic Chaos in population dynamics
          o Immigration: when Chaos Persists?
          o Dinamic Transitions in Insects Populations
          o Order-Disorder Transitions and Spatial Self-organization
          o Dispersal and Spatially Structured Metapopulation Models
          o Detecting chaos in small ecological data sets

SISTEMAS SOCIALES: Dinámica de lo Individual y de lo Colectivo.

          o Complexity and Social Behaviour
          o Insect Societies and Collective Properties of Mobile Automata
          o On Ants and Chaos
          o Emergent Computation and Insect Societies
          o Neural Networks, Ants and Chaos
          o Social Life at the Edge of Chaos (Fluid Neural Networks)
          o Order-Disorder Phase Transitions in Ant Societies
          o Non-linear Dynamics and the Social Facilitation in Termites.
          o Orden y caos en la organizacion social de las hormigas.