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Design and Control of Self-organizing Systems by Carlos Gershenson

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Author: Carlos Gershenson

Published: 2007

Physiscs, Self-organization, Complexity Theory


Cat: TS0002EN
ISBN:  978-0-9831172-3-0

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Complex systems are usually difficult to design and control. There are several particular methods for coping with complexity, but there is no general approach to build complex systems. In this book I propose a methodology to aid engineers in the design and control of complex systems. This is based on the description of systems as self-organizing. Starting from the agent metaphor, the methodology proposes a conceptual framework and a series of steps to follow to find proper mechanisms that will promote elements to find solutions by actively interacting among themselves.

Carlos Gershenson (b.1978) is a computer scientist with a PhD from Vrije Universiteit Brussel . He is currently a researcher at the New England Complex Systems Institute in Boston, USA
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