Material related to A complex social structure can emerge from a simple foraging model, by G. Ramos-Fernández, D. Boyer, V. Gómez. Behav. Ecol. Sociobiol. 2006.

See the manuscript here.
The simulations reported in the manuscript above have been performed using a program written in Python programming language. It runs with Python version 2.3.5 (see to download and install). Well try to have a fortran version soon.
The program file is in ASCII and called In Linux, it runs typing: python & .

See how to edit the parameters.

See how the results files are organized.

See how to run further programs (in Fortran) analyzing the network properties of the results.

A simpler version of the model consists in only one individual foraging alone in the same complex environments. See details on the corresponding Fortran code here.